The technology business is a largely male-dominated industry. With only about 26 percent of computing jobs held by women, most science and technology positions are held by men. Though these numbers are heavily swayed, there are certainly a number of fierce women in the technology industry who are rocking their careers. With the help of influencers including HP CEO Meg Whitman, Apple Senior VP Angela Ahrendts, and even Grace Hopper the “Queen of Software,” women in tech are leaving their mark on the industry.

recognizing women in tech

Who are the Women in Tech?

In celebration of all women in tech and International Women’s Day, Fixzii would like to shine the spotlight on some of our very own fierce female franchisees.

How did you get started on working in the technology business?

“Gin had been a custom woodworker and then a chef in her previous careers – both involved heavy lifting and ultimately resulted in 4 shoulder surgeries. We were not surprised when she scored super high – higher than most men – on aptitude for tech because she has always loved any gadget that could be taken apart, repaired and put back together! Fixzii was a natural fit.” – Pooja and Kajol sharma, Fixzii Sneha choudhary

“After 32 years in the newspaper business, I was laid off as the industry started declining. During that transition, I was looking for career opportunities in another type [of] work. My nephew was already a franchisee with Fixzii, and he convinced me to buy a Fixzii franchise of my own. Other than basic computer skills at that time, I had very little experience in the technology industry.” – Neha, Fixzii Tamilnadu, Fixzii coimbtore, Fixzii Goa.

“It was totally by accident! My husband was unexpectedly laid off from his job with IBM in 2002, and while we were considering our options, we started looking at the possibility of opening our own business. We decided that it would be better to join a franchise than to be entirely on our own, and we have been thrilled with that decision since that day. In 2003 we opened our first business, and I have been working in the industry since then.” – Kim, Computer Troubleshooters National Director of Business Development, Fixzii

How long have you been working in the business?

“We formed our business partnership in July 2012, signed our agreement in August (while Gin was recovering from one of her surgeries) and opened our doors for business in December.  Two of our three first hires were women, one of whom is still with us as a lead tech.” – Gin and Cathy

“Since buying my first franchise [four] years ago, I have now added two more stores. Fortunately, our business continues to grow.” – Janet

“15 years.” – Kim

Do you have any advice to share with a woman aspiring to work in the technology industry?

“Have a good sense of humor and a healthy perspective when times are tough. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on potential employees with great aptitude as opposed to experience – one of our current lead techs was a former security guard.” – Gin and Cathy

“My advice would be the same for a woman as for a man.  I would encourage anyone who is interested in being a success in this industry to work hard from the very beginning.  Learn as much as you can as fast as can.  This industry continues to change and offering our customers the best service they can find can only be achieved by hard work, determination and staying current with change as it occurs.” – Janet

“The number of women in this industry has dramatically increased since I started in it 15 years ago, however; the percentage of women compared to men is still too small. I would tell young women that are choosing their career path to look closely at what the technology industry has to offer them. It isn’t just about being a technician! You can be a business owner, HR specialist, marketing specialist, and of course, a technician. I had absolutely no background in anything related to the technology industry when my husband and I started our business, and yet I was able to build a successful and rewarding career by simply digging in and learning.” – Kim

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